Almond Avenue is a blog created by Iona Rose McCabe.


Elegance with an edge

About Iona

Since the age of 16, Iona has worked as an international model in London, Seoul, Hong Kong and China.  During her time in HK, Iona worked as a stylist with several renowned photographers for editorial shoots which were published in Boom and Quintessentially Asia magazine. Currently, Iona is based in Bristol.

Inspirational Imagery

One thing Iona will never do is write about anything that does not inspire her. She hopes that by posting images or viewpoints, she can pass on her motivational influences to others. As a person with a strong opinion, Iona may occasionally question collections or products as she does not want to sugar-coat her judgments.

For collaborations, please email: almond-avenue@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: Some of the images on all of my posts belong to the original owners and are sourced. If you prefer that your image be removed, I will be glad to do so.