8 of the Best: Instagram Accounts

by ionarosemccabe



New York jewellery brand Bing Bang post an array of images converging modern elements with vintage. If you’re a fan of candid 70s or 90s supermodel shots, tropical foliage and amusing quotations, this is the account for you.




Bali-based beach babe Inka Williams is just 15 years old but is already signed to IMG. She’s Australian/French and likes to blog on her Tumblr page in her free time. Her account completely embraces the balmy bohemian lifestyle of Bali that I was lucky enough to experience myself in May.




Apart from being an absolutely gorgeous Australian model, Ruby‘s account is all the more attractive being that it is conducted in a diary format. Currently pregnant, the Byron Bay beauty will update her followers on the changes her body is experiencing, along with beauty, wellness and nutrition tips for other women expecting.


@tashsefton and @elle_ferguson


These two are hands down my favourite fashion bloggers and they also happen to come from Australia (I see a pattern emerging here…).

Elle has the best beach blonde hair and longest legs I think I have ever seen. She is rarely seen without her signature cut-offs, although you can catch her in pretty peasant dresses from time to time. Tash prefers to wear distressed boyfriend jeans with striped tees and appears to be the slightly more understated of the two. Both accounts feature daily outfit details with nautical vibes – perfect for anyone who swears by a smart-casual dress code.




When it comes to celebrities of the male variety, I can probably count on one hand the ones I find attractive (Johnny Depp circa 1998, Jude Law, Ed Westwick and a young Marlon Brando). It seems that if you don’t find Ryan Gosling or that whole ‘all-American’ look appealing, you may as well be a martian in girl world. Just to clarify, I did not cry at The Notebook and I don’t see what all the hype is about.

However, there is one male I will happily generate hype for and he goes by the name of Rafferty Law, son of Sadie Frost and Jude Law. He’s definitely got his dad to thank for his gene pool luck, cheeky London charm and chiseled jawline. Raff is only 18 but is signed to Select and has already walked for DKNY, so it goes without saying that we can certainly expect big things from the burgeoning model and musician.



Because who doesn’t want to see hot girls eating pizza? It also feeds my soul a little viewing all the food I can’t eat when I’m trying to eat clean and ‘carbicide’, a favourite term in my vocabulary, is 100% not happening on a Saturday night in the form of a large margarita pizza in a backstreet takeaway. I guess it’s the whole principle of look but don’t touch, right?

If you want the chance to be featured – send photos to girlswithgluten.com


madeleine shaw

Because I like to look at all the food I want to be able to cook but reality checks tell me I’m to lazy and my bank balance informs me I don’t have an endless grocery budget reserved for copious amounts of bee pollen and kale seeds.

Madeleine‘s posts are lovely and the dishes she prepares are not disgustingly healthy – you’ll be happy to see plenty of eggs, bacon and chocolate but with a unique nutritious twist. I’m also a huge coconut fan so it’s great to see her use this ingredient so much!

 As a health coach and yoga teacher based in London, Madeleine has published a book and also runs a blog and Youtube channel.


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