Sun Seeker

by ionarosemccabe


There are always those staple beauty products that makeup artists swear by, leaving women intrigued by these so-called ‘wonder’ items. What is it about these apparent gems that make us reluctantly hand over more than we would normally spend on a lipstick to the vulturous shop assistant who probably saw us coming from a mile away? I guess we hope the products really are magical and we won’t have to look any further for the perfect (fill the blank) next time our makeup bag gets a little sparse.

There’s always hype surrounding new products and then there’s products that have been around long enough for us to trust that they must be on a pedestal for a reason. Personally, I hate buying anything beauty related if I haven’t done my research on it and after hearing rave reviews from industry insiders, I couldn’t wait to try Guerlain’s Terracotta Bronzing Powder and eventually bought it in 01 Brunette the other day.

Initially, I was a little worried that the colour was appearing tangerine toned on my skin, but quickly realised this was down to my darker powder foundation. Once I eliminated that from the equation and paired it with a lighter liquid base, I was extremely happy with the results. It doesn’t come out too strong and can be easily reapplied to create stronger contour on the face.

The product is also advertised as being ‘moisturising’ which I definitely noticed to be true. It leaves a subtle sheen and bronze colour without looking too matte or contrastingly, adding a lot of shimmer.

All in all, I am very happy with this bronzer due to the beautiful colour, perfect consistency and ease of application – I will definitely continue buying it and could not recommend this product more, especially for the fair-skinned like myself!

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder – £35.50

available at House of Fraser