Chloé Pre Summer 2016

by ionarosemccabe


As seasons come and go, I can honestly say there are a handful of shows that I really look forward to. They are the shows I know will deliver time and again whilst never failing to disappoint. The past few collections from Chloé have been outstanding to say the least, offering a convergence of masculinity and femininity –  a quality that can rarely be found or executed perfectly among other brands with the exception, perhaps, of Isabel Marant.

Keeping with their modern take of the 1970’s from past collections, Pre Summer 2016 saw loose, languid silhouettes in lace, crepe and chiffon adorned in indicate embroidery. Ethereal maxi dresses were paired with cropped leather waistcoats and ruffled blouses were nonchalantly tucked into wide twill trousers to create laid back looks that could easily be worn on breezy Spring evenings.

The lack of strong colour was another thing I admired in the collection. I tend to prefer understated tones that can be worn with anything, so the dusty brown tones of espresso and cafe au lait were especially appealing when combined with leopard print. A particular favourite was the black double breasted jacket worn over an oversized white shirt, shorts and matched with heeled loafers. Springtime in the UK has never possessed the dry heat of the Mediterranean so a thick jacket is still a must.

Chloé‘s target customer appears to be a young French woman who is somewhat polished without trying too hard while each piece, although beautiful, is almost daring the wearer to dress it down. After seeing this collection, I am intrigued to see what Chloé has to offer for S/S ’16 – I’m sure it will be worth the wait until Fashion Week!