REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash

by ionarosemccabe


REN is a British brand that focuses on a philosphy of 3 P’s: Purity, Pleasure and Performance. Having used REN moisturizer before, I was intrigued about this product . For something that has won a coveted InStyle Best Beauty Buy Award for 12 years I was merely curious. I was  not expecting miracles in the bathroom –  there really  is only so much a body gel can do!

In terms of the consistency, it is extremely thick which although gives it the benefit of longevity, it also makes it quite difficult to apply with the hands. I have yet to judge the lathering outcome with a sponge but will be sure to update on any improvement. Also, I have to admit that the so-called signature scent of Moroccan roses does not give off a very youthful aroma. I have never been that impressed with rose perfumed products, but I am sure this factor is all about personal preference.

Having not dabbled in many variations of body wash, I can’t particularly compare with many, however, I probably will not be buying this product again. Personally, I would much rather pay half the price at The Body Shop and smell of coconuts.

REN Moroccan Rose Body Wash available at Harvey Nichols, The Landmark, Central

Price : 300 HKD (approx)